All Kinds of Performances

I perform at all kinds of events, both indoors and out, not just as a storyteller.

I am often the compere or the master of ceremonies for the whole thing or may be just one performance in a schedule of entertainment. I might find myself the major attraction or alternatively, be a minor character in a large line up. In any case I love the variety of roles which I am asked to play and may assume any number of different characters according to the situation. I've accumulated a wardrobe bursting with all kinds of costumes & props.

I am an experienced performance poet, often accompanying myself on the bodhràn, and playing tunes on whistles, bagpipes & flutes. I am often recruited to make announcements, introduce acts and judge competitions. I once entertained hundreds of children whose coaches had been delayed for over an hour (it was deafening!)

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mr. sandstone
Poor old Mr. Sandstone bewails his fate!
underwater adventures
Underwater adventures on the Hampshire Coast

Poor Old Mr.Sandstone

Geology for Key Stage 2. Geology isn't really given much time in most British primary schools, yet it is an important & incredible interesting science. I have been a keen amateur since I found my first fossils at the age of five. Mr Sandstone is a living rock who tells his story & as usual, the show includes music & song. Starting at the beginning of the world, it is the story of ancient mountains whose remains were broken down into sand-grains. This introduces types of rock & their component minerals as well as the three vital processes of erosion, transportation & deposition.

The sandstone itself is used to explain about sedimentary rocks & the fossils that they often contain. Rock, mineral & fossil specimens are used to illustrate the tale. The show lasts about 45 minutes, not including specimen handling sessions which can also be arranged.

There have been geology professors in the audience who enjoyed Mr. Sandstone very much!

Tribal: my red deer cloak was once a film prop.
A popular compère of poetry & music.

A Natural History Collection

I have a large & varied collection of all kinds of specimens:

  • Rocks & fossils, mostly collected by myself in the U.K.
  • Horns, skulls & bones.
  • A molar & a tusk from a mammoth; a bison bone dredged from the bottom of the North Sea.
  • Shells, some of them quite large.
  • A dried python skin.
  • Twigs from native trees, various woods & cones, including a lump of black bog oak.
  • Various other curios donated by friends & co-workers over the years.
Feely bag & handling sessions can be arranged, but I don't loan any of my objects.

NB Many of the more exotic specimens were donated to me by friends & co-workers over the years. I don't support the trade in animal parts & urge you not to buy sea-shells or other such objects as souvenirs.

natural history specimens

Some other Shows

  • Barry the Buddhist: practising meditation since he was at school himself, Barry talks about Buddhism in everyday life & presents a slide show, including beautiful photos from his pilgrimage in Nepal & Tibet.
  • Expressive Dance with Live Music: Barry plays flutes, whistles, ukelele, drums & other percussion, inviting children to express a spectrum of emotions.
  • Poetry Workshop: a published & prize winning poet, Barry will introduce interesting ways of writing & use music & other special methods to stimulate your students' imaginations.
  • Animal Senses: a series of games & demonstrations illustrate the different ways that animals use their senses.