I always try to be as flexible as possible about the arrangements for a performance but I have some basic practical needs. I need somewhere to get changed which is private and in the case of the Wild Man of the Woods with a supply of hot water for dealing with make up. It is also useful if there is somewhere for me to hide or retreat to between shows or for a break if I'm on walk-about at a public event. Somewhere secure where my personal effects can be stored is sometimes needed.

Mr Beetle goes aaargh Mr. Beetle can't really do walk about for very long - I can wear the costume for about an hour but then I need to take that helmet off for a bit! He's also likely to be damaged by bad weather.

green umbrella

It must be said however, that The Wild Man of the Woods is quite used to being outdoors for much of the day, whatever the weather! That isn't always the case for the audience, unfortunately and I don't currently provide any kind of shelter for myself or others apart from a large green umbrella!


  • A day at a public event, up to 4 shows plus walk about or street entertainer style presence: £200 plus expenses eg travel.

  • Up to three discrete shows at an indoor venue with somewhere for me to retire between shows: £175 plus expenses eg travel.

  • If your requirements don't fit this pattern, please contact me for more information.

  • If you are a primary school please look at my special offers.
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Special offers for primary schools, photo thanks to Dunchurch Primary School, Warks